UV Visible Spectrophotometer

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  • ingle-chip microcomputer control, Touch LCD Screen (7 inches)
  • Large LCD display can display multiple sets of data
  • Huge memory space to store multiple sets of data and curves
  • Auto zero,100% adjustment function
  • Wavelength automatic adjustment
  • Wrap lights, automatic filter change , large sample pool (5mm ~ 100mm)
  • Standard samples having a maximum ten-point standard curve measurement functions built
  • Direct input by K, B factor for quantitative measurement standard curve
  • Can be directly input and the corresponding standard concentration values establish a standard curve for quantitative measurement
  • Adjustable electric saving standard curve parameter measuring set, can save a plurality of standard curve
  • Can be edited at any time of the standard curve , user-friendly
  • General Parallel printer interface with or slightly beat interfaces can print the title bar, the measurement data , curve parameters , the standard curve and the curve sample points
  • With USB interface
  • PC control can be achieved through more accurate and flexible measurement requirements ( standard )

Software features

  • Wavelength Scan: the measured object can be 190nm-1100nm full band spectrum scan , can also be segmented scan
  • Kinetic tests: the time of the measured object scanning , timely detection of changes in concentration caused by changes in absorbance
  • Quantitative measurement: by establishing a standard curve , the concentration can be measured in the analysis was
  • Multi- wavelength testing : set a plurality of wavelengths simultaneously , the measured absorbance of a plurality of wavelengths in the test
  • DNA / protein test: the test formula purity of nucleic acid and protein concentration analysis of DNA / protein

Technical Specifications

Wavelength Range190~1100nm
Optical circuit structureC-T type Parallel double beam
Band Width2nm
Wavelength Accuracy±0.5nm
Wavelength Repeatability≤0.2nm
Photometric Accuracy±0.3% τ
Photometric Repeatability0.15% τ
Stray Light≤0.04% τ (220nm NaI,340nm NaNO2)
Photometric ModeT,A,C,E
Wavelength SettingAutomatic
Photometric Display Range-0.3~3A
Display ModeTouch LCD Screen (7 inches).
DetectorImport Silicon Photodiode
Light SourceImport Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Power RequirementAC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz