SJ5500 Universal Thread Measuring Machine


1. Full-automated measurement SJ5500 scans test objects and displays all values in 2 minutes without manual intervention and calculation. According to selected thread standards, the system generates the test report finally. That significantly simplifies
the operator’s work, as well as improves the measuring efficiency, quality and accuracy.

2. One-sided or two-sided measurement of contour SJ5500 can measures contour, two-dimensional dimension, two-dimensional displacement of the workpiece. On the basis of measured contour data, dimensions, form & location tolerance and other parameters can be calculated and obtained easily.

3. High accuracy, high stability and high repeatability
4. SmartTouch intelligent measuring technology (Patent No.1) Once the measuring probe collides with test object /
workholder, or tensile force to measuring probe is too large during scanning process, the machine will stop scanning
immediately in order to protect measuring probe and measuring system.

5. Simple, humanized design Thanks to quick workholders for thread, object installation is very simple and easy. Due to user-friendly software interface, the operator can be trained to use it within a few minutes. Operation of the machine is extremely simple.

6. 3D navigation function(Patent No.2) According to 3D Graphics Technology, establish the 3D
navigation system of probe, fixture and workpiece, which can real-time display scanning process from different perspectives. Moreover, the operating convenience, safety, reliability and accuracy are improved greatly.
7. Convenient and accurate replacement of measuring pin(Patent No.3) Thanks to innovative structure for probe installation, the probe is fixed easily and simply. This structure eliminates
errors caused by repeated installation, which guarantees excellent repeatability.

8. Precision vibration isolation system Thanks to precision vibration isolation system, external
vibration interference is eliminated, which lays the foundation for precision measurement.

9. Accurate & sensitive measuring force system Measuring force automatically varies from 0.01 ~ 0.10N according to different gradient during scanning. Thanks to micro measuring force, measuring pin is almost abrasionfree, so lifespan of probe is very long, in addition test objects
are protected as well. The micro measuring force also greatly helps to achieve measurements for steep-slope thread gauges.


Item No. SJ5500-200 SJ5500-300 SJ5500-400 SJ5500-500 SJ5500-600
Outside measuring range (1.0-250)mm (1.0-350)mm (1.0-450)mm (1.0-550)mm (1.0-620)mm
Inside measuring range (2.5-250)mm (2.5-350)mm (2.5-450)mm (2.5-550)mm (2.5-620)mm
Max measuring length 250mm     
Min thread pitch 0.1mm
Weight 2000kg
Dimension 200×90×91cm
Measuring uncertainty:
Cylindrical or Taper ring gauge(Mimor diameter >2.5mm, half of thread  angle ≥27°)
Minor diameter(μm) 3.0 + L/200
Pitch diameter(μm) 3.0 + L/200
Thread pitch(μm) 0.8 + L/200
Cylindrical or Taper plug gauge (Major diameter >1.0mm, half of thread  angle ≥27°)
Major diameter(μm) 2.9 + L/200
Pitch diameter(μm) 2.9 + L/200
Thread pitch(μm) 0.8 + L/200
Plain ring or plug gauge(μm) 2.0 + L/200
Other measurement(μm) 2.0 + L/200
Contour measurement
Outside measuring range (0-250)mm (0-350)mm (0-450)mm (0-550)mm (0-620)mm
Inside measuring range (2.5-250)mm (2.5-350)mm (2.5-450)mm (2.5-550)mm (2.5-620)mm
Resolution of X-axis and Y-axis 0.01μm
Accuracy of X-axis ±(1.5+L/100)μm
Accuracy of Z-axis ±(1.5+L/100)μm
Max gradient 75°(T-shaped measuring probe)
Measuring force (40-150)mN
Measuring speed (0.01-2)mm/s


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