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Digestor SH220N Features

1. Graphite block, Compare metal heating, the heating is more uniform;
2. Corrosion resistant design, PTEF coating is very useful when strong acid experiments;
3. PID temperature control, to achieve 450°C only need 25 minutes.
4. 5.7-inch color screen, display real running situation;
6. Multi-protection, such as Over-current protection, High-temperature warning Overload protection
7. Gas collection hood system with suction pump (Suction Cap)
8. Special air insulation design, when heating solution, liquid need backflow, we design special air flue to keep the whole tube near uniform temp


Temperature range RT + 5°C to 450°C
Stability of the heating block temperature ± 0.5°C
Precision of the heating block temperature ± 0.5°C
Heating method Infrared heating and high purity graphite conduction
Heating insulation method Unique air duct insulation technology
Digestion tube 280mL, Φ40mm ( SH220F: 300mL, Φ42mm )
Capacity per bath 20pcs
Power 220AVC±10% , 50Hz, consumption: 3.6Kw
Dimension 515*421*730mm(including input tube and suction cap)
Weight net 25Kg

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