Rebar head digital display torque wrench

Main purpose and scope of application

Reinforced head digital torque wrench is different from general torque wrench. It has powerful operation functions, including torque setting; unit setting; mode setting; value storage; value clearing; value output and user correction function. Easy to operate, by installing digital display Screen down Requirements for the operator. It is suitable for the fastening and control of reinforced bolts in construction industry, aerospace, repair industry, inspection structure, etc.


  • Digital display torque reading
  • Clockwise ±3%, Counterclockwise ±3.5%Accuracy (of the MAX operating range20 ~ 100%)
  • Can operate clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Peak hold and real-time mode
  • Buzzer andLCDIndication (when the predetermined torque value is reached)
  • Four engineering units (、、N.m、
  • 100Pen can store recorded values
  • Communication function
  • Automatic shutdown in minutes

Product Technical Specifications

model AWG2-S-340R AWG2-S-410R
MIN index value 0.1
MAX operating range


340N.m / / / 410N.m / / /
Connector(inches) 1/29(14 * 18)
Buzzer setting range (N.m) 17 ~ 340 20.5 ~ 410
length 715
Accuracy*1 Clockwise: ±3%

Counterclockwise: ±3.5%

Data storage capacity 100
Operating mode Peak holdP)/Real-time mode (T)
unit N.m、、、
ratchetHead form Rebar head
Number of keys 5
battery 2节1.5V 5Size battery
Operating temperature -10℃~ 60℃
storage temperature -20℃~ 70℃
humidity No condensation90%
Drop test height 1米
Vibration test conditions*2 10G
life span test* 3 10000次


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