Q950F glassware washer

Q950 laboratory glassware washer used microprocessor which imported from USA, it used optoelectronic isolation control panel which is LED display and touch circuit.  It build in kinds of washing programs can be rapidly cleaning for Grease, biological, lubricants, totally 30 standard programs and 80 customized programs involved.  Multi set of parameters include cleaning temperature, time, cleaner channel can be set and saved.  It can be cleaning in above 9 times to ensure high accuracy, it provided 3-stage password management.

Q950 glassware washer used a circulation pump which rate can be 0∼650L/min, it can be variable frequency soft start, spray pressure adjustable, spray arm with sensor to ensure pump work in normal and automatic shutdown when overheating.

Q950 used a water supply device which located in the top-center of machine to supply water for basket & racks, water can be sprayed around from center of racks to ensure the pressure uniformity of each nozzle.  With black box monitoring, the machine can record the working status of each electric component automatically, and also can be found out the failure easily.

Can also place three-tier cleaning basket

Double heat-resistant Windows, built-in lights

Automatically save and restore water, electricity current washing status function

Double circulation drying system of compressed air machine

Control panel display into the water, process water

High quality material and cavity

Washing volume 291L

Fully conform with FDA requirement, can save and print cleaning record automatically

High efficiency injection type drying: drying air flow through injection basket and arrive the vessel inner, adjustable temperature (ambient to 120°C)

Q950 Technical Parameters

Model Q950
Electrical Configuration 380V/220V     50Hz/60Hz
Max power 10KW
Standard washing program 30
Vacant program slots 80
Circulation pump 0-650L/min
Cleaning Heating power 9KW
Pure water booster pump /
Peristaltic pump detergent dispenser /
The number of peristaltic pump 3
control system
Control panel touch screen135x35mm
Display content execution parameters /
Electric door lock /
Mechanical forced door unit /
Influent flow control system /
Spray arm speed sensing control system /
control system of cleaning agent /
Over-temperature protection /
Overflow protection /
Dual temperature monitoring system /
Printing cleaning execution parameters /
Printer interface RS232
Drying system
Drying unit Pipeline injection drying
Drying power [kW] 3
Temperature selection (°C) RT-120
Time selection (min) 0-300
External dimensions (mm) 790LX760WX1750H
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