PS 2469 Linear Drying Time Recorder

Linear Drying Time Recorder

The various stages of drying and curing that occur in films are easy to detect,

but difficult to define in terms of chemical and physical principles.

In order to evaluate them objectively it is necessary to use instrumentation under controlled conditions.

We offers the versatile Drying Time recorder to help quantify the various stages of film curing and drying, deliver reproducible results, and guarantee highest efficiency.

Simultaneous testing of 6 samples – saves time

Three different speeds: 6- 12-24 hrs – for any application


ISO 9117-4

ASTM D 5895

Technical specifications

Cat. No.PS 2469
Power Supply110V or 220V
Power Consumption20 W
No. of Needles6
Dia. of Needles1 mm
Loading Weight11 g
Stroke Distance300 mm
Time Settings6, 12, 24 h
Dimensions490 x 220 x 130 mm
Shipping Weight10 kg

Comes complete with

Drying Time Recorder

6 Glass Panels

6 Needles

Application manual

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