PS 2365 Minimum Film Forming Temperature Bar

Minimum Film Forming Temperature Bar

The minimum film forming temperature is the lowest temperature at which an emulsion,

latex or adhesive will uniformly coalesce when applied on a substrate as a thin film.

Knowing the MFFT temperature allows formulators to create a product that cures correctly under the

required application conditions.  The instrument can also be used to define the white point/glass transition temperature of dispersion materials, synthetic resins, enamels etc. and the blocking power and stacking capability of coated papers, foils, prints.


ISO 2115

ASTM D 2354

Technical Specifications

Cat. No. PS 2365
Power Supply 220V AC 50Hz
Temperature Range – 7 ∼ 70°C
No. of Inspection Points 13 points
Gradient Platen Size 300 x 200 mm
Test Channels 6
Test Channel Size 240 x 22 mm
Dimensions 520 x 520 x 370 mm
Shipping Weight 40 kg

Comes complete with


Plastic Cover with Fans

Water Pipes

Application manual