PS 1007 Krebs Viscometer

Krebs Viscometer

No need to lower any handle, fully automatic.

Used for measuring the viscosity of paints, coatings and inks.

Displays, Krebs units, gram units and centipoise.


ASTM D 562

Technical specifications

Cat. No. PS 1007
Power Supply 110V or 220V
Test Range 40.2-141.0 KU
32- 1099 g
27-5250 cP
Display Division 0. 1 KU, 1 g, 5 cP
Paddle Speed 200 rpm
Accuracy ±1.5% FSR
Repeatability ±1.5% FSR
Reproducibility ±1.5% FSR
Dimensions 180x210x470 mm
Shipping Weight 10 kg


Comes complete with


Standard Paddle

Adapter for Pint and Half Pint Cans

Application Manual


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