PS 1006 Krebs Viscometer

Krebs Viscometer

Used for measuring the viscosity of paints, coatings and inks.

Displays, Krebs units, gram units and centipoise.


ASTM D 562

Technical specifications

Cat. No. PS 1006
Power Supply 110V or 220V
Test Range 40.2- 141.0 KU
32- 1099 g
27-5250 cP
Display Division 0. 1 KU, 1 g, 5 cP
Paddle Speed 200 rpm
Accuracy ±1.5% FSR
Repeatability ±1.5% FSR
Reproducibility ±1.5% FSR
Dimensions 180x210x470 mm
Shipping Weight 10 kg


Comes complete with


Standard Paddle

Adapter for Pint and Half Pint Cans

Application Manual



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