NP-800M Polarizing Microscope

·Supply high quality and contrast image with the special strain free objective.
·Single polarization, orthogonal polarization and conoscopic observation on.
·Transmitted light and reflect light, 24V/100W long life halogen lamp.
·Stage with 45°located, the attachable mechanical stage with large moving range, high efficiency by no interference when turning objective

·Professional polarizing microscope for geology, petroleum, chemicals, polymer, LED field.




Optical System Infinite optical system

Viewing Head Seidentopf trinocular head inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 48-75mm

Eyepiece EW10X/22平场目镜  Plan eyepiece EW10X/22

Plan eyepiece with scale of crosshair, Plan eyepiece with cross, Plan eyepiece with gridding

Strain-Free Plan
Achromatic Objective
4X/0.10/∞/-  WD 17.3mm

10X/0.25/∞/0.17  WD 10.0mm

20X/0.40/∞/0.17  WD 5.10mm

40X/0.65/∞/0.17  WD 0.54mm

100X/1.25/∞/0.17  WD 0.13mm

Nosepiece Backward quintuple nosepiece, Center adjustable

Analyzer 360° dial rotation  Minimum scale reading:0.1°(Vernier scale)

Conoscopic observation
Switch between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation, Bertrand lens position adjustable

Optical Compensator First-order red plate, Guarter-wave plate, Quartz wedge

Polarizing Rotatable
Diameter Φ170mm, Center adjustment, 360° scale, Minimum division 1°, Minimum reading 6 by means of vernier scale, 45° Click stop knob

Attachable Stage Moving range 30mmX40mm

Condenser Strain-free swing condenser NA0.9/0.25

Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, Range 32mm, Fine division 0.001mm, Coarse stroke 37.7mm per
rotation, Fine stroke 0.1mm per rotation

Polarizer 360°rotatable 0°position adjustable

Illumination 24V/100W Halogen lamp, Brightness adjustable

Filter Blue filter Φ45mm

ND6 Neutral density filter Φ45mm

ND25 Neutral density filter Φ45mm

Attachment Video attachment

0.01mm Micrometer

Note:● Standard Outfit,○ Optional


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