N-180M Biological Microscope

Product Name:N-180M biological microscope

Objective the fuselage, exquisite, calibrate, flexible structure configuration can be more widely applied effectively biological, pathology, bacteria, organization, immune, genetic research, teaching and professional as clinical trials of the field.
Multiple attachments, selection of microscope to satisfy the users of multi-function requirements.
Product features:
High eyespots, EW10X eyepiece view, observe 20 more convenient, comfortable.
Half a flat field away can obtain clear objectives, bright, high contrast optical imaging.
Replacement bulbs safer, simple, need to be set by next seat can quickly, but don’t swap light bulb will microscope has reversed.
Low coarse and fine feeling relaxed, operator, run at 100V – 240V wide voltage function, in order to adapt to the changes in different areas.
Voltage, Technical parameters:
N 180M –
Observe head hinged binocular head, 30 ° 360 degrees turn can tilt, responding
Hinged trinocular head, 30 ° 360 degrees turn can tilt, 2008
The eyepiece EW10 x/large field eyepiece had 20
Big field eyepiece P16 x 11 responding
Grasp half a flat field away objectives 4 x, 10 x, 40 x, 100 * responding
Flat field away objectives 4 x, 10, 20 and 40 x x x x x, 100, 2008
Converter four holes converter responding
Five hole converter 2008
Carrying machine double activities, the mobile platform 140 x 140mm 75 x 50 second-ranking range
The condenser with variable light, making 1.25 color filter and responding
Lighting system 20W halogen lamp, 6V/adopts adjustable brightness
Kohler illumination device 2008
Photography accessories 2008
Video 1 x C interface accessories 2008
C interface 0.5 * 2008
Colour filter blue color filter adopts
Green color filter adopts
Polarizing device, simple polarizing device
Look line device is simple, device
Insert phase line device 2008
In turn, lining device disc
Dark device NA0.7 condenser dry dark 2008-90
Oil NA1.25 condenser, flat – 136
Fluorescence device fluorescent device shot down
Pointer to the system LED optical system, pointer
Responding to standard configuration, choose for 2008

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