N-117M Biological Microscope

·New machining facility and advanced alignment technology
·Complete functions and outfit of binocular microscope
·Comfortable operation with updated and ergonomic design


Comfortable observation with adjustable eye point height and interpupillary distance


Viewing Head Compensation Free Binocular Head, Inclined at 30°, Interpupilary Distance 48-75mm
Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined at 30°, Interpupilary Distance 55-75mm
Eyepiece WF10×/18
Objective Achromatic Objective 4×、10×、40×、100×
Nose piece Backward Quadruple Nose piece
Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage 132×142mm/ 75×40mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Moving Range 24mm, Fine Division 0.004mm
Condenser Abbe NA 1.20 with Iris Diaphram & Filter
Abbe NA 1.25 with Iris Diaphram & Filter
Illumination S-LED, Brightness Adjustable
Halogen Lamp 6V/ 20W, Brightness Adjustable
Phase Contrast Kit  
Dark Field Attachment  
Polarization Attachment  
Note:● Standard Outfit,○ Optional


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