QG-4V punch grinder is a kind of automatic concentric circle grinding machine which can grind circular punch without any adjustment. The left and right direction of the rotary pressing roller can be adjusted to make the workpiece go forward or backward before grinding. The pressure screw on the pressure arm can adjust the pressure and cooperate with the punches of different sizes to make the processing more stable.

Working Principle

Fix the workpiece on the punch grinder and adjust the extended length of the workpiece with the workpiece length adjuster. Adjust the height of the workpiece center to the same height as the grinding wheel center and lock it. The grinding wheel rotates clockwise under the drive of the motor. Choose the device for fixing the workpiece to rotate counterclockwise, move the workpiece to the processing position, and then move the Y-axis to make the grinding wheel approach to the workpiece slowly. When the moving grinding wheel is close to the workpiece, stop moving after the occurrence of small sparks. After setting parameters, it can process the automatic grinding work.

Main Technical Parameters

Diameter range of clamping workpiece: Ф1-25mm
Maximum forward and backward travel: 130mm
Maximum leftward and rightward travel: 88mm
Main shaft rotating speed: 7500 rpm
Main shaft motor power: 0.75KW
Working head rotating speed: 180 rpm
Working head rotation angle: ±10 °
Overall size: 1100 *900 *1350mm
Net weight: 420KG


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