Model METAPOL 1000P is a kind of pneumatic type automatic metallographic specimen grinding and polishing machine equipped with automatic polishing head and features stepless speed changing and four-level constant speed for grinding and polishing. The working time can be preset and the rotating direction can be controlled. It can finish the whole process of rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing and finishing polishing for specimen preparing. It is the necessary metallographic specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges.


  • Six pieces Φ30mm samples can be grinded and polished simultaneously.
  • Both grinding disc and polishing head adopt stepless speed control, and the rotating direction of grinding disc can be shifted.
  • Pneumatic single point loading, fix the sample and then it can complete the whole process of grinding and polishing, and this can ensure the plane parallelism of sample.
  • Working time and rotating speed presetting
  • Quick exchanging disc. The working disc can be changed and replaced swiftly.

Technical specifications

Diameter of working disc: 250mm (200mm or 300mm is optional)
Rotating speed of working disc: stepless speed changing 50-1000 rpm, and four-level
constant speeds of 200 / 600 / 800 / 1000 rpm
Rotating speed of polishing head: stepless speed changing 5-150 rpm (5-200 rpm optional)
Sample holder: Φ30mm, 6-hole (or customized)
Loading force range: 5-60N
Sample preparing time: 0-9999 seconds
Power supply: Single phase, 220V, 50Hz
Motor power: 550W
Dimensions: 750 x 630 x 700 mm
Net weight: 65 Kg


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