WXH-8 Series

Microcirculation Microscope

Microcirculation microscope is used theearly diagnosis, guide treatment and observation forvaries diseasesincluding cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.It is widely used in medicine, health care products, human health consulting, beauty care and other fields.It is also used for individual microcirculation monitoring.

Model WXH-8 WXH-10 WXH-12
Magnification 400X 480X 550X
Display Size(mm) 161*121 204*153 185*240
Objective 10X
Focus System Coaxial coarse/ Slightly adjusted, Z axis movement, Mechanical upper and lower limits
Stage 360°revolve, X,Y axis movement ,moving range 30*80mm
Illumination LED illumination with high brightness and lower consumption,new luminaire with lower temperature and 10,000-200,000h working life,90°revolve left and right
Power Supply 12V
Camera Color camera system, HD LCD display
Standard accessory Aluminum box,Display screen, Power cable, Asphalt, Manual, Flip chart, Microcirculation flattery, Teaching CD
Optional Software driven, Acquisition card, Dongle, AV cable etc.
Packing Size(mm) 270*340*380 300*380*380
Gross Weight(kg) 5.5 7
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