MH-2810D multi-use characteristics of incubators

2810D-type multi-use characteristics of incubators

Increase in the 2800A on the basis of the timing functions and timer time can be set between 1-999 minutes
Regular time set by the buttons on the front panel by LED digital display.
Can accommodate larger heating block.

Part Number: 2810D
Temperature Display: dual four-digit display
Constant temperature range (℃): room temperature +5-200
The thermostatic stable degrees (° C): ± 0.1
Thermostat accuracy (° C): ± 0.15
Upper limit temperature protection (℃): 200
Temperature deviations protection (℃): set temperature +5
Timing (min) : 1-999
The incubator Size (mm):  215W x 51H x 135D
To accommodate the heating block number: 2 (standard) / (double)
Heating power (W / V / Hz):  750/220/50
Dimensions (mm):  320W x 92H x 270D

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