LYZ-103B Series Shaking Incubator(Benchtop)

LYZ-103B Series Shaking Incubator(Benchtop

★Integrated with incubator and shaker to save space and cost.
★Polished stainless steel chamber.
★ LCD screen to display temperature and shaking speed.
★With operation data memory function to eliminate faulty operation.
★ Auto-recovery after power outage or crash as originally programmed, avoiding data loss.
★Auto-stop operation when door opened.
★ Brushless DC motor, more stable and reliable.


Model LYZ-103B LYZ-100B LYZ-200BS LYZ-200BP
Shaking Speed (rpm) 20-300
Speed accuracy (rpm) ±1
Swing amplitude(mm) Φ26
Standard configuration 100ml×9 50ml×4, 100ml×4 ,250ml×3, 500ml×3 50ml×5, 100ml×5 ,250ml×4, 500ml×3 50ml×5, 100ml×5 ,250ml×4, 500ml×3
Maximum capacity 50ml×12 or 100ml×9 or 250ml*9 50ml×20 or 100ml×16 or 250ml×12 or 500ml×9 100ml×20 or 250ml×16 or 500ml×12 or 1000ml×5 or 2000ml×4 100ml×20 or 250ml×16 or 500ml×12 or 1000ml×5 or 2000ml×4
Tray Size(mm) 295×253 400×370 450×410 450×410
Timing Range 1-9999min
Temperature Range(℃) RT+5~60 RT+5~60 10~60(Cooling) RT-15℃~60℃

(Ambient temp-15℃)


Temperature Accuracy (℃) ±0.1
Temperature uniformity(℃) ±1
Display LCD
Tray Included 1
Exterior Size(W×D×H)mm 440×410×390 600×580×510 832*690*653 780*750*570
Volume (W×D×H)mm 320×295×190 440×405×270 480×450×320 480×450×320
Power Rating 220W 320W 580W 580W
Power Supply AC 220~240V,  50~60Hz