MS-10L/MS-15L/MS-30L Large Capacity Magnetic Stirrer

1.LCD display.
2.Timing and locking function.
3.Positive inversion.
4.Brushless motor.
5.Max capacity 500ml for each station.
6.Button and knob control,easy to opeartion.

Large Capacity Magnetic Stirrer Technical Data
Model MS-10L MS-15L MS-30L MS-50L
Control Knob
Motor type Brushless motor
Display method LCD display
Power 20W  20W  20W 30W
Max stirring volume  10L  15L  30L 50L
Range of RPM 50-1500rpm 50 – 1300rpm  50-1100rpm 50-1100rpm
Speed regulation accuracy ± 10 rpm/min
Timing 23h / 59min / 59sec
Magnet size range 50MM 60MM  80MM 100MM
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