Detailed introduction

L9 dual-beam UV-visible spectrophotometer, using a new optical platform, 5 files adjustable bandwidth, ARM chip control and processing data, 8-inch color touch screen display menu, spectrum and analysis of test data, human-computer interaction is simple. The instrument has photometric measurement, automatic scanning spectrum measurement, quantitative analysis, dynamic points

Analysis, multi-wavelength measurement and other functions. Products are widely used in drug testing, medicine and health, biochemistry, environmental monitoring, commodity inspection, petrochemical and other fields, is the quality control, technical appraisal and scientific research must be the basic equipment.

Main Feature:

● The new optical platform, so that the instrument has excellent optical performance and metering performance, stray light and low noise, metering accuracy and stability.

● Unique deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp installation, automatic switching of the light source and automatically find the best way to work, allowing users to operate the instrument and repair the replacement light source is more convenient, correct and safe.

● Advanced hardware and software design, so that the instrument has a strong spectral data processing functions and storage functions. Automatic scanning measurement spectroscopy, multi-wavelength (1-3λ) determination, kinetic determination, 1-3 curve fitting, 1-4 order derivative spectra, access to printed spectroscopy and analysis data.

● 8-inch color touch screen, with a good man-machine dialogue interface, easy to operate.

● USB communication port.


UVwin8 UV spectrum software.

Technical indicators:

● metering mode: double beam

● Monochromator: Czerny – Turner

● Focal length: 200mm

● Grating: 1600 lines / mm

● Detector: photocell

● Spectral bandwidth: 0.5 nm, 1 nm, 2 nm, 4 nm, 5 nm

● Wavelength setting: Touch screen input

● Wavelength range: 190 – 1100nm

● Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.3nm

● Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.1nm

● Wavelength scanning speed: fast, medium and slow

● Light source switching wavelength: 340nm

● Stray light: ≤ 0.02% (measured by NaI at 220 nm) (measured at NaNO2 at 360 nm)

● Photometric range: 0.0 ~ 200.0% T

-0.301 ~ 4.000A

0.000 to 9999C

● Photometric accuracy: ± 0.3% T

± 0.002Abs (0 – 0.5A)

± 0.004Abs (0.5 – 1A)

● Photometric repeatability: ≤ 0.15% T

0.001Abs (0 – 0.5A)

0.002Abs (0.5 – 1A)

Baseline flatness: ≤ ± 0.0008A

● Noise: 0.1% T

Baseline drift: ± 0.0004 (A / h) at 250nm and 500nm (preheat for 2 hours)

● Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 1Hz

● Power: 200W