KLS-411 Karl Fisher Coulometer

KLS-411 Karl Fisher Coulometer

  • Large screen LCD display.
  • Coulometry method, adopt non-membrane electrode, it is suitable for most of the samples, especially moisture measurement of polluting samples.
  • Has shift end point control function, can automatically determine the shift caused by leakage of trace moisture.
  • The reagent is a new-type Lei-ci K-F reagent, which is low toxic, less polluting and multi-use disposable.
Model KLS-411
Specification 10µG – 20mg
Range 10mA, 20 mA, 50 mA, 100 mA
Electrolysis Current ±0.2mA
Error of Polarization Current ±0.2 mA
Basic Error of Electrolytic Current ±0.5% (Reading)
Indication Error ±(5% Verification point +3) µg
Repeatability Less than 3%
Power Supply (220±22)V, (50±1) HZ
Dimension (mm) & Weight (kg) 490*410*300; 5
Standard Configuration JB-11 stirrer, electrosis electrode, Indicator electrode
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Operation Video of KLS-411