Ultrasonic Processor JY98-IIIN (1200W, 20KHz) is a powerful and reliable ultrasonic device for the sonic dispersion of larger samples in the lab. Typical application includes: Homogenization, Nano Partical Dispersion, lyses and cell disintegration, protein extraction and the emulsification of liquids.

• LCD display, Microprocessor controlled and completely programmable
• Auto-tuning for convenience of use and optimal processing efficiency, Time setting
• Integrated Sound Abating Chamber to reduce cavitational sound emitted during processing
•All D models with temperature indicator and controller
• Variable power output: 0-1200W

Main Technical Parameters

Power1200 W1200 W1800 W
Accompany (Φ)ф20ф20ф25
Optional Tip (Φ)ф15、25ф15、25ф20、28
Processing Volume50-1000 ml50-1000 ml50-1200 ml
Duty Ratio (%1-99  %0.1-99.9%0.1-99.9%
Supply220/110V  50Hz/60Hz220/110V 50Hz/60Hz220/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Power supply chassis Size and Weight40*28*22(cm);12.1Kg40*28*22(cm);12.1Kg40*28*22(cm);13Kg
Mainframe Weight14.5 Kg14.6 Kg15Kg
Packing Size534*295*435mm534*295*435mm534*295*435mm

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