HD Side Pressure Tension Tester

The push-pull force gauge has the advantages of high precision, easy operation and convenient carrying. It also has various test modes, which is convenient for testers to use, and can store and input test data to the computer for statistical analysis. It can be combined with various test benches and jigs to form test machines for different purposes. The user can also input the gravity acceleration value of the use place to make the test more accurate.


  1. High precision and high resolution;
  2. Five test modes and three display modes are available-to maximize the test efficiency;
  3. N (Newton), kg (Kilogram), lb (Pound) three measurement units are available for selection and conversion;
  4. Gravity acceleration setting function-the user can input the accurate value of the gravity acceleration of the use place by himself. Make testing and unit conversion more accurate;
  5. Peak hold function. Keep peak display until manually cleared;
  6. Automatic peak function, keep displaying the peak value and automatically release after 2 seconds;
  7. The upper and lower limits and comparison values ​​can be set for statistical analysis. Buzzer alarm when the comparison value is exceeded;
  8. Data storage function, can store 128 test values;
  9. Data output function, the data can be input into the computer through the data line for various analysis;
  10. Green and environmental protection, automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of no operation;
  11. High-quality charging power supply. The charging voltage is available from 100V to 240V, which can be adapted to most areas at home and abroad. There are short circuit, leakage, overload protection functions;
  12. 2 sets of installation dimensions, suitable for most test machines at home and abroad, convenient for users to install on the machine;
  13. The unique switch contact on-off force test function makes the switch on-off force test more accurate;
  14. 6-bit large screen display.
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