GY-4 Portable Fruit Sclerometer

GY-4 Portable Fruit Sclerometer

Brief description:

Ø Can store 896 peaks of data.
Ø The LED show the peaks of data and get rid of the data.
Ø Data output function; analyze the data by connecting with computer.
Ø Peak automatic discharge function, and maintain peak 2 seconds display then discharged automatically.
Ø Green environmental: If you do not operate the machine after 10 seconds, the machine will be shut down automatically.
Ø High-quality Charging power supply.
Ø 6 digits large screen display.

Technical parameters:

Range0.2 – 15 Kg/cm² (×105 Pa )0.4 – 30 Kg/cm² (×105 Pa )
Division value0.01 Kg/cm²0.01 Kg/cm²
Pressure head diameter1# ¢11.1mm2# ¢7.9mm
Display modeDigital
Indication error±0.5%
Unit Kg/cm²(×105 Pa)
Output interface RS232 nine-hole socket
Sensor structureS-Type high precision sensir (inside)
Working Temperature5ºC-35ºC
Transport temperature-10°c~60°c
Working EnvironmentNo Vibroseis and corrosive medium around
Net Weight450g
Insertion Depth of pressure Head10mm


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