Multi-Parameter Analyzer

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  • Bigger colour touch screen with lazy operation;
  • Four-channel units design (pH/pX unit, conductive unit, DO unit) to support automatic identification, plug and play;
  • To support electrode management, up to 25pcs electrodes;
  • To support Buffer group management, automatic identification of 25 kinds of buffer solutions, such as DIN and NIST. Up to six-point pH calibration and up to 5 point conductivity calibration;
  • To support ion concentration unit switch, such as ug/L, mg/L, g/L, mol/L, mmol/L;
  • To measure 0-200ms/cm conductivity with one probe;
  • To support firm ware upgrade and contact with PC or auto sample;
  • Wide power supply from 110V to 240V



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