DW-HL540 Ultra Low Freezer


Double control system, double door, double cooling system, to confirm the -86ºC freezer work safety.

Control System:

ø Double microprocessor-based temperature controller,  -40℃~-86℃ can be set freely and control each room separately, controlling precision is 1℃, Digital temperature display.
ø Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page, Delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated
ø Audible and visual alarm: High or low-temperature alarm, Power failure alarm, Low battery alarm,
ø Door open alarm, Filter blocking alarm, system failure alarm.

Structure Design:

ø Double doors for up and down rooms, Inside chamber with inner insulation door, and double silicon gasket seal.
ø Stainless steel interior, Outer is painted steel panel, 4units Casters for easy handing
ø Front opening the lockable door with full height handle, with Vacuum release port
ø Two-times foaming technology.130mm foaming insulation, with VIP insulation board
ø With temperature recorder, record 7days data. 72 hour back up battery for recorder and controller work.

Refrigeration System:

ø Double cooling system to support different rooms separately and independently. If one system damage, another one can work normally.
ø Imported famous compressor(2sets) and EBM fan motor.
ø China Patent technology of mixture refrigerant, especially Single stage refrigeration design

Model Capacity(L) Input power External Size
(WxDxH) mm
Inside Size
(WxDxH) mm
Max Vials
DW-HL508 508 1050W*2 1200*897*1999 Up: 880*504*570
Down: 880*504*514
375 Kg 22 26400
DW-HL540 540 1900W 840*918*1984 695x620x1330 330 Kg 24 28800

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