Digital Indicator

Performance characteristics

1. Digital display, with size measurement, shape and position tolerance detection function
2. Power supply: 3V lithium battery
3. Working temperature: 0- + ℃, coarse humidity ≤80%
4. Storage and working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃


1. When the LCD screen displays small fonts \”5 \” and \”in \”, it is displayed in English
2. mm / in: Metric-English conversion key. Press this key to directly convert between metric and English values.
3. ZERO: Zero reset button, which can be cleared anywhere in the measurement range.
4. ON / OFF: Power key
5. Dust and other dirt on the measuring rod will affect the movement of the measuring rod. Therefore, wipe clean with a clean oil-free cloth before use.
6. Wipe the case clean with a soft dry cloth. There is serious dirt on the watch case. Please wipe it with a damp cloth containing neutral detergent. Do not use volatile solvents such as thinner, as this will damage the watch case.
7. Stands and other fixtures are required when using the digital display indicator. We recommend using standard fixtures with 8H7mm mounting holes.
8. Use a damp cloth containing alcohol to clean the measuring rod. Do not apply oil to the measuring rod.
9. Unauthorized personnel should not disassemble and repair the digital dial indicator by themselves to avoid damage to the indicator.


Do not charge, do not burn

Avoid exposure to dusty places as much as possible during use, and avoid exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet rays and high temperature radiation. Do not place the digital dial indicator on a magnetic object. Measure after demagnetization

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