Closed Heating Furnace/Multifunctional Furnace

////Closed Heating Furnace/Multifunctional Furnace

Closed Heating Furnace/Multifunctional Furnace

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● Cold rolled steel shell
● Step-less temperature regulation
● Model DL: Fully closed heating tray, no open fire, and waterproof function.
● Fully closed slant control panel keeps its control system from corrosion of  splashed and spilled liquid.
Technical parameters
Model DL-I-15 DK-98-II
Product specification single-joint(1kw) single-joint(2kw) double-joint four-joint six-joint
Heating type heat transfer
Shell material spraying cold rolled steel
Heating device Teflon fully closed heating tray resistance wire
Rated power 1.5kw 1.0kw 2.0kw 1kw*2 1kw*4 1kw*6
Temp. control rheostat step-less regulation
Heating size(W*Dmm) φ180 125*125 155*155 125*125 125*125 125*125
working size(W*D*Hmm) 250*290*80 150*180*140 185*220*160 305*180*140 610*180*140 910*180*140
exterior size(W*D*Hmm) 280*300*90 200*215*220 230*250*220 335*215*220 660*215*220 950*215*220
packing size(W*D*Hmm) AC220V/6.8A AC220V/4.5A AC220V/9.1A AC220V/9.A AC220V/18.2A AC220V/27.3A
NW/GW 1.8/2kg 1.5/2kg 2.5/3.5kg 3/4kg 5.3/6.8kg 7.5/9kg


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