Model FY-5A automatic polishing dispenser can be used on various grinding and polishing machines to automatically drip the polishing liquid to the grinding disc or polishing disc at the required speed to achieve the purpose of polishing. This automatic polishing dispenser can provide four channels to add different polishing liquid at different speeds.


  • Four channels can be set separately and work at the same time
  • Connect with the polishing machine and drip liquid according to the parameters set by the grinding and polishing machine
  • Three working modes of Manual / Online / Automatic, the dripping speed and dripping time of each mode can be set independently.
  • Automatic cleaning dropper
  • Larger or smaller dropping speed can be customized
  • It can be easily expanded into 6 channels or 8 channels

Main technical parameters

  • Dropping speed: about 6 drops / min – 280 drops / min
  • Maximum flow: 18 ml / min
  • Dropping speed regulation: stepless speed regulation, from 6 drops / min to 280 drops / min
  • Power supply: AC 220V, single phase, 10W

Standard accessory

Dispenser: 1 set
Drip bottle base: 1 set
Drip bottle: 4 pcs.
Drip tube: 4 pcs.


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