AYQ preset torque driver


AYQ preset torque driver is used for tightening and tightening workpieces with torque requirements. The product operates clockwise and counterclockwise, and the torque value can be preset. If the screwdriver is idling beyond the set value, the thread tightening can be controlled preferentially. It is suitable for the occasions that have high requirements for screw locking and precision of screw locking and circuit board fixing of precision instruments. Widely used in various electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, scientific research structure and other industries.


1. The torque value can be preset, and there is an audible alarm prompt. When the tightening torque of the fastener reaches the preset torque value, it will automatically send out a signal \”click\”, accompanied by obvious vibration of the hand, which prompts the completion of the work. After the force is released, all related parts are automatically reset.
2. Automatic switching in reverse direction, easy to use in both directions.
3. Adopt the scale ring and scale wheel, the scale line reading is clear and accurate.
4. Forged aluminum alloy material, durable and long life.
5. This torque screwdriver implements the relevant regulations of GB / T 15729——2008.
6. Two Phillips screwdriver heads are included, allowing customers to replace the screwdriver heads according to the items they want to measure.


model AYQ-0.6 AYQ-1.2 AYQ-3 AYQ-6
Range 0.1 ~ 0.6 (N.m) 0.2 ~ 1.2 (N.m) 0.5 ~ 3 (N.m) 1 ~ 6 (N.m)
Index value 0.01N.m 0.02N.m 0.05N.m 0.1N.m
Accuracy ± 4%
Dimensions 161mm 186mm
Handle diameter Φ26mm φ31mm
Connector size 6.35 hexagon
net weight About 0.3Kg About 0.4Kg
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