ATN Tensiometer


Tensiometer is suitable for contact pressure of relay contact pressure, electronic switch, micro switch, valve, spring tension pressure, dial measuring instrument spindle pressure, automatic telephone equipment contact and armature pressure, tape recorder buffer device pressure and other contact pressure Precise pressure and tension test.


1. Easy to use;
2. Exquisite appearance;
3. When testing, just pull the object to be tested with a stylus to move it from a static state to a desired position. The tensiometer can be tested in clockwise or counterclockwise direction, but the stylus arm must always be perpendicular to the direction of the push-pull force;
4. Tension scoring single needle and double needle. After the double needle tensiometer has measured the highest value, the driven needle stops moving, which is convenient for the tester to read the measured value.


Model specifications ATN-0.05 ATN-0.1 ATN-0.3 ATN-0.5 ATN-1 ATN-1.5 ATN-3 ATN-5
Maximum measured value 0.05N 0.1N 0.3N 0.5N 1N 1.5N 3N 5N
Index value 0.002N 0.005N 0.01N 0.02N 0.05N 0.05N 0.1N 0.2N
Tick ​​style 0.01-0.05-0.01N 0.02-0.1-0.02N 0.06-0.3-0.06N 0.1-0.5-0.1N 0.2-1-0.2N 0.3-1.5-0.3N 0.6-3-0.6N 1-5-1N
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