ASZ Rope Tensiometer

Applicable occasions

ASZ type rope tension meter is suitable for power industry, communication industry, transportation industry, glass wall curtain decoration industry, ropeway operation industry, construction industry, playground, tunnel construction, fishery fishing and major scientific research institutes and teaching institutions, testing institutions And occasions involving the pulling force of rope and wire rope.


1. The rope structure with tension, can be measured directly without disassembly.
2. Light weight, simple structure and convenient operation, suitable for any occasion.
3. Stable performance, high measurement accuracy, with automatic system compensation function, when the measured cable specification is the same as the dynamometer cable specification, the accuracy can reach within 2% within the rated range.
4. It has fifteen kinds of wire diameter measurement functions and a wider measurement range.
5. Scope of application: suitable for flexible, stretched cables. Such as various steel wire ropes, high-strength ropes, etc.
6. Accuracy level: 2 ~ 6% of MAX function (depending on the rope form and characteristics).
7. Rope diameter: ¢ 6 ~ ¢ 40mm.

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