AST Series Hand-Pressed Tensile and Compression Test Stand


The AST hand-pressed tensile and compression test stand is specially equipped for NK and HF series push-pull force gauges, which can be combined into test machines for different purposes to carry out accurate tensile and compression loads, insertion force, destructive tests, etc. At the same time as the value, a scale can be added to display its displacement, and the stroke can be locked to perform a comparative test on different workpieces under the same displacement.


1. Hand pressure operation, simple and stable operation;
2. Compact structure, gear and rack type transmission;
3. The installation is stable, the legs are large, the body is heavy, and the machine can be installed on the table (table) to use, making the rack more stable;
4. Equipped with digital display scale, can collect travel data (AST-S) at any time.


  •  Stroke: 90mm;
  • Maximum load: 500Nl;
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 255x240x505mm;
  • Net weight: 12kg


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