AQTH preset torque driver


Main uses and scope of application

This type of torque screwdriver is suitable for thread tightening with fixed torque. It can tighten the work piece to the specified torque. Mainly used for high-precision thread connection, widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, machinery manufacturing, electronics (mobile phone circuit board installation) and other industries. It is a tool for assembling and maintaining complete equipment and testing the performance of rotating parts. This instrument complies with GB / T 15729-2008 national standard.

Product features

  • Universal bit, easy to load and unload standard bit;
  • Can operate clockwise and counterclockwise in both directions;
  • Preset torque value;
  • Screwdriver idling when it exceeds the preset value;
  • The preset torque value can be locked.




Torque adjustment range Overall length mm  

Weight g



Joint size mm Applicable fasteners
Min ~ Max ( Indexing Screws
AQTH6 1 ~ 6 0.05 128 130  

± 5%


6.35 (Hexagon)

M2.5, M3
AQTH12 2 ~ 12 0.1 M3, M4
AQTH26 6 ~ 26 0.2 155 320 M4
AQTH50 10 ~ 50 0.5 M5, M6
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