ANQ pointer torque screwdriver


The pointer torque screwdriver is a new product developed by our company that is suitable for the automotive, motorcycle, machinery manufacturing, electronics and other industries, as well as the professional testing industry. It is mainly used for the tightening and tightening force detection of components with moderate torque It is easy to hold and operate, easy to use, and maintains clarity for a long time. It is a tool for assembling and maintaining the equipment and testing the performance of the tightening parts.


1. Dial pointer indication: the pointer indicates the torque value, the reading is convenient, accurate and high precision.
2. There is a driven needle: when the customer rotates to the corresponding measured value, the driven needle stops and it is convenient for the customer to read the accurate measured value.
3. It can be twisted left and right: the product can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
4. Reasonable design: hand-held operation, long-term use without fatigue.
5. Easy operation: As long as the zero position is aligned, anyone can operate and use it in the same way.
6. A screwdriver head with a cross and a flat head is attached, allowing customers to replace the screwdriver head according to the items they want to measure.
7. There is a stiffener, when customers use a large range of torque drivers, they can better operate this product.

Product size:

Length (L): 270 (mm)
Width (W): 98 (mm)
High (H): 100 (mm)

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