AMCS handheld electronic scale


Main Purpose and scope of application
The circuit structure of AMCS handheld electronic scale mainly includes measuring circuit, amplifying circuit, A / D conversion, LED display circuit. It is an electronic scale with accurate measurement, stable performance, energy saving, exquisite appearance, simple key operation, convenient reading, light and portable. It is suitable for all kinds of families, outing shopping, outdoor activities such as street market stalls, wild fishing, live poultry and seafood, collection and sale of old goods, express delivery weighing, luggage weighing, etc.


  • The instrument is light in weight, small in size and easy to carry.
  • The digital display shows the force value. The instrument uses the LCD to display the measured force value. The large screen makes the reading more convenient.
  • Multiple unit switching: the instrument can switch Kg, Lb, Oz three units
  • Can be set to automatically shut down without operation, automatically shut down when low battery.
  • With backlit, the backlit mode can be set by yourself
  • Hook storage card slot on the back.
Specification model AMCS-10 AMCS-20 AMCS-30 AMCS-50
MAX load



10 kg 20 kg 30 kg 50 kg
22.04 lb 44.09 lb 66.13 lb 110.2 lb
352.7 oz 705.4 oz 1058 oz 1763 oz
Load division value



0.01 kg
0.01 lb
0.1 oz 1 oz
Accuracy ±2%
power supply 2 AAA batteries
Dimensions 136 × 75 × 29 (mm)
net weight About 0.2kg