ALR Hydraulic Tension and Compression Test Stand


The ALR manual hydraulic testing machine is specially equipped for the HF series push-pull force gauge. It is manually operated and uses a hydraulic jack to achieve a large load test force test. The operation is simple and stable. It can be combined with different fixtures to form different tensile and compressive load testing machines.


Maximum load 5k 5T 10T 20T 50T
Compression cavity 200mm 220mm 200mm 145mm 290mm
Stretching cavity 150mm 150mm 230mm 270mm 160mm
Effective itinerary 90mm 125mm 125mm 145mm 160mm
Dimensions 190 × 190 × 840mm 248 × 248 × 1050mm 310 × 310 × 1280mm 310 × 310 × 1350mm 370 × 370 × 1410mm
net weight 30kg 42kg 92kg 102kg 240kg


1. The test stand can be ordered according to the specifications required by the user;
2. The dynamo meter in the picture needs to be ordered separately;
3. Please install the sensor, machine and jack in the center when installing. During testing, the direction of tensile and compressive load should be in the center of the machine.


1. When destroying the test, you should wear protective masks and gloves to prevent splashing substances generated during the test;
2. Do not use damaged or bent fixtures. When using a damaged or bent fixture, it may fall off or break, and the test object may fall. So be very careful not to hurt your body;
3. Do not exceed the rated load range of the push-pull gauge sensor, otherwise the sensor will be damaged, and excessive load may break the sensor and cause an accident.

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