Air bath thermostat oscillator

●Microcomputer intelligent control, display actual temperature, with mechanical timing or normally open
●Glass observation window, visual and clear, can observe the culture state at any time
●Stainless steel liner, universal spring clamp, suitable for different specifications beakers, flasks, etc.
● Stepless Speed ​​regulation, stable operation, easy and safe operation.
● Built-in circulating air duct and oxygen augmentation hole to ensure air circulation
● Air bath thermostatic oscillator is mainly used for scientific research, biochemistry, biochemistry, cells and strains in various universities, medical, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monitoring and other scientific research departments. Oscillation culture of various liquid and solid compounds

Oscillation modeReciprocatingConvolutedReciprocating and maneuvering
Studio size (mm)520x420x200
Fixture size420×320
Temperature control rangeRT+5~60°C
Temperature fluctuation±0.5°C
heating power300W
Timing0-120 minutes or normally open
Oscillating frequencyStart-300 rpm, stepless speed regulation
power supply110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz
Machine size (mm)700x450x515700x450x515700x450x600
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