ABQ Button Tester


The ABQ button tester can be equipped with NK, HF push-pull force gauges and special fixtures, which are specially used to measure the buttoning force of the button or the destructive force of the clothes. Checking the fixing strength of buttons and buttons is a very important standard, especially in the design and manufacture of baby and children’s clothing. The use of a certain force measurement on the button-fixed decorative piece requires recording by a force instrument.

2. Purpose:

The test purpose of the ABQ button tester is to define the responsibility of the garment manufacturer to ensure that the buttons, buttons and fasteners can be properly fixed on the garment to prevent the buttons and the like from coming out of the garment, causing the baby to have the chance to swallow. Therefore, all buttons, buttons and fixed decorations on the ready-to-wear garments (which can be put into small object measuring devices as a whole) must be tested by a button tester.

Significance and function:

1. The test method of this instrument is used to measure the strength of the vertical pull test on buttons and clothing, and the buttons and buttons are not pulled out of the clothing.
2. The button sewing specifications required by this method should follow the standards set by the button manufacturer.
3. This test method is used to establish the relevance of different wearing environments and to compare the types and brands of different buttons.
4. This standard may contain hazardous materials, operations and instruments, and the standard does not list all the safety problems that may arise in use. It is therefore the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish rules regarding safety and health, and to determine appropriate rules before use.

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