100L EX Proof Separator / Extractor – SR-S100EX


Designed for mixing two or more kinds of solvents to perform efficient chemical or physical reaction under vacuum condition and room temperature in EX-proof zone.. After reaction, reactants can be separated according to different weights.

ᅳ Capacity: 100L;

ᅳ Mechanical sealing, resist to chemicals and durable, ultimate vacuum <2 mbar;

ᅳ Gear motor with VFD controller, large torque, constant stirring speed;

ᅳ Stirring speed range: 20 – 600 rpm;

ᅳ Quality borosilicate glass 3.3 (BG3.3);

ᅳ Taper vessel bottom for efficient separation;

ᅳ PTFE drain valve, no dead space and no leakage, clean discharge;

ᅳ SUS304 stirring shaft covered with PTFE.

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