“Environmental Day” to see the United States out of the “Paris climate agreement” on the instrument market

June 1, 2017, the United States President Trump announced the withdrawal of the “Paris climate agreement”, this day from the June 5 World Environment Day there are four days. The Paris Climate Accord, which is attended by 194 countries, is the result of the tireless efforts of the peoples to save the planet and protect the homes of mankind, following the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the 1997 Kyoto Protocol , The third milestone in the history of mankind to deal with climate change in the international legal text, which formed a joint participation of all mankind to cope with climate change situation. Of course, the “agreement” is also reached by the United States, the European Union, Japan, represented by the developed countries and China, India, represented by the fierce game of the results of the game. As for the intense degree of the game, interested users can go to rehearsal about “the original CCTV Ming Chai Chui teacher Qin Zhongli” This has been widely circulated on the Internet video.

And in the world environment day, just the company colleagues asked me, do not engage in today’s move it? This proposal also reminded the author, just in this more special day, try to analyze the analysis of the United States, the president of the businessman of this “shock the world” move (also considered a major event in the environment) may What are the effects on the instrument market?

Just this month on March 28, Trump in the Environmental Protection Agency, in a dozen representatives of the United States miners witnessed the signing of the Energy Independent Administrative Decree, aimed at overthrowing former President Barack Obama’s climate change “clean energy plan” At the same time in the energy industry, plans to re-large-scale exploitation and use of traditional energy such as coal. Trump believes that the Paris Agreement will affect the revival of traditional American industries, affecting his vast infrastructure development program and full employment program.

I through the Internet for a bit related search and found that the United States is the world’s largest coal reserves. US coal proved about 27% of the world’s reserves, is ranked third in China about twice. Although coal reserves only 12.8% of the world, but China’s production and consumption of coal, accounting for about half of the world. In addition, China is the world’s largest coal importer. Why coal is China’s most important energy, in addition to its own reserves, the other reason is also very simple, the word – “cheap.” Relevant data show that in all the petrochemical energy, coal is the cheapest energy, the same heat, the cost of coal is only 30% of the oil, 40% of natural gas.

Naturally, as a businessman born Trump, this economic account is certainly clear. Trump believes that coal is the American “gold rice bowl”, the United States can not only achieve energy self-sufficiency, and even become the world’s largest natural gas, oil and coal producer. If these buried things are fully utilized, at least the United States can bring 50 trillion dollars in revenue. At present, although the United States has the world’s largest coal reserves, but in 2016 coal exports, even a quarter of Australia or Indonesia are not.

There is no doubt that once the revival of President Trump’s “too long to hurt” the US coal industry plan put into practice, for the scientific instrument market, the first to be “fire” is estimated that those special equipment for coal quality testing. In this area, China, especially in Hunan, there are some very good business, which also includes a GEM listed companies. I think these enterprises may wish to occasionally look at the US government in this regard the latest trends for the US market to do some preliminary research work.

Second, once the United States underground rich coal resources are mined, in addition to for export, how to use their own coal is also a very worthy of concern. US coal industry has been the media announced that “is coming to an end” of the industry, in which the United States local strict environmental protection regulations is an important factor. Therefore, how to make more clean use of coal resources, while the best cost can be effectively controlled, is likely to be placed in front of President Trump a new topic (of course, if only export their own large-scale use, then another Do not say).

In short, the future of the US air is still able to keep sweet and fresh, closely related to the gas environment monitoring equipment market from the United States in the future so the event caused by the multi-party game and President Trump “despite the flooding monstrous” style In the amount of profit, we need to further observation.