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Distributor Price

Hello Our distributors: We've added distributors price list in our website for all our distributors, after you login in our website, you can find it, if you have any rquirement, please send email to asia@hinotek.com.

By |2018-05-28T01:55:55+00:00May 28th, 2018|Company News|Comments Off on Distributor Price

Add tap densitometer and Turbidity Meter

BeDensi T series tap densitometer: https://www.hinotek.com/lab/bedensi-t-series-tap-densitometer/ TB100 Portable Turbidimeter: https://www.hinotek.com/lab/tb100-portable-turbidimeter/ TB200 Benchtop Turbidity Meter: https://www.hinotek.com/lab/tb200-benchtop-turbidity-meter/

By |2018-02-02T02:47:22+00:00February 2nd, 2018|Company News|Comments Off on Add tap densitometer and Turbidity Meter

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