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>>Tissue Embedding arrow KD-BMII & BL Tissue

KD-BMII & BL Tissue Embedding & Cooling System

* The full automatic procedure control can make it possible for presetting the start time of any weekday in one week
* The odd controlling-microprocessor from American ATMEL Corporation has been used to make it easy to control temperature and the shining tube has been used to display the temperature so that we can clearly know the working state
* Five heating zones, paraffin tank , dispensor , left tank, right tank, working area, can work independent without interference
* The temperature survey integration block from American DALLAS Corporation has been used to make it precise in temperature survey and credible in performance. It is safe by employing the dual overheat-avoidance devices to protect the heating system
* It possesses the function of memorization to keep the set temperature automatically after startup
* Tissue embedding system and cooling plate can use seperately or combined at your option
* Big paraffin tank ensure dealing with all the tissue in one time
* Low illumating system, safe & stable
* Heating working area and forcep holder is convenient to embed the tissue
* Large working aera is convenient to clean paraffin
Technical specifications:
* The advanced heating theory to keep the paraffin on ideal temperature 70°C to avoid paraffin shrink and affect the tissue specimen
* Range for setting temperature of the forceps holder:55 ~ 70°C
* Range for setting temperature of the paraffin tank:55~70°C
* Range for setting temperature of the reservior:55~70°C
* Range for setting temperature of the working area:55~70°C
* Range for setting temperature of the dispensor:55~70°C
* Temperature control precesion: ±1%
* Way of paraffin flow:soft touch manual switch, foot switch
* Time presetting: presetting the start time of any weekday during one week
* Working temperature of the Cooling plate : room temperature ~ -20°C
* Norminal voltage :AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz
* Power draw:1000VA
* Demension:550x550x360mm(KD-BMII), 345*500*360mm(KD-BL)
* Weight:30kg(KD-BMII),25kg(KD-BL)
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