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>>Pipette arrow Tips & Rack

Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips

NO.Desc.Volume Rang QNTY G.W MEAS.(cm)
L-2029 P10 0.1-10μl 30000pcs 8kg 36*23*30
L-2030 P200 2-200μl 20000pcs 8kg 36*23*30
L-2031 P1000 100-1000μl 10000pcs 15kg 60*40*36
L-2032 P5000 1000-5000μl 2000pcs 9kg 41*31*37
L-2033 P10ml 1-10ml 1500pcs 9kg 41*31*37
Tips Box/Reagent Solt

Tips Box/Reagent Solt

NO Desc.QNTY G.W MEAS.(cm)
L-2034 96hole*10ul 100pcs 9kg 47*44*27
L-2035 96hole*200ul 100pcs 9.5kg 47*44*34
L-2036 100hole*1000ul 100pcs 15kg 57*54*51
L-2037 50ml 300pcs 10kg 45*36*35
Pipette Rock

Pipette Rock

NO Desc.QNTY G.W MEAS.(cm)
L-2038 HW-5 8pcs 5kg 52*32*35
L-2039 HW-8 8pcs 7kg 40*40*40
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