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>>Pipette arrow Continuous pipette & Tips

Continuous pipette
Continuous pipette (L-2072)
Gear Position 1 2 3 4 5
Filling Items 49 24 15 11 9
PD-Tip Filling Volume
0.5ml 10μl 20μl 30μl 40μl 50μl
1.25ml 25μl 50μl 75μl 100μl 125μl
2.5ml 50μl 100μl 150μl 200μl 250μl
5.0ml 100μl 200μl 300μl 400μl 500μl
12.5ml 250μl 500μl 750μl 1000μl 1250μl
25.0ml 500μl 1000μl 1500μl 2000μl 2500μl
50.0ml 1000μl 2000μl 3000μl 4000μl 5000μl
Pipette with PD-Tip Pipette Range Repeatability Error Rate
0.5ml 10-50 +/-0.9% ≤1.4to≤0.6
1.25ml 25-125 +/-0.9% ≤0.8to≤0.3
2.5ml 50-250 +/-0.8% ≤0.8to≤0.2
5.0ml 100-500 +/-0.6% ≤0.6to≤0.2
12.5ml 250-1250 +/-0.4% ≤0.4to≤0.2
25.0ml 500-2500 +/-0.4% ≤0.4to≤0.2
50.0ml 1000-5000 +/-0.4% ≤1.4to≤0.15
Remark QNTY 20 pcs
G.W 8.0KG
MEAS 72*30*20cm
Continuous pipetteContinuous pipette
Model Volume QNTY
L-2073 0.50ml 1000pcs
L-2074 1.25ml 1000pcs
L-2075 2.50ml 1000pcs
L-2076 5.00ml 1000pcs
L-2077 12.50ml 1000pcs
L-2078 25.00ml 1000pcs
L-2079 50.00ml 1000pcs
L-2080 25/50ml 1000pcs


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