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SP-1920 Double Beam UV-visible Spectrophotometer

The SP-1900 is a double beam spectrophotometer. The SP-1900, which inherits strongpoint of all mature productions, and also uses the classic double-beam theory, makes the test result more precise, stable and reliable.
The SP-1900 is ideal to widely use most of test filed such as clinical laboratory, biochemical laboratory, pharmacy, petrol chemical laboratory, environmental protection and various fields of quality control.
This user’s manual provides the description of the SP-1900, a list of main specifications, functions introduction and usual operations. Available accessories.
This instrument is compact, easy-to-use, and ruggedness. The large sample compartment accepts various accessories and cell from 10mm to 100mm path length. The built-in RS-232 serial interface enables the instrument to be connected to a computer.
Now we mainly export SP-1920 Spectrophotometer, which has 6.4inch touch screen for operation.


Type Double Beam Asymmetrical Vertical Test Optical Path Technology(patent)
grating system 1200line/mm
Monochromator Czerny-Turner, Focus300
Grating 45*45mm, 1800 lines/mm
dectector High performance digital dual-detector photoelectric cell
bandwidth(nm) 0.5, 1, 2, 4
wavelength range(nm) 190-1100
wavelength display(nm) 0.1
wavelength set(nm) 0.1
wavelength accuracy(nm) ±0.3
wavelength repeatability(nm) ≤0.1
Scan speed(nm) wavelength movespeed 6000nm/min,wavelength scan speed 10-3000nm/min
light source switch(nm) 300-360
stray light(220 & 340nm) ≤0.01%T
optical structure double beam
Photometric mode A(Abs), T(%T), Energy(E)
Photometric range 0-125%T(T), -0.097A to 3A, 0C to 9999C(0-9999F)
Photometric accuracy ±0.3%T NIST930e standard filter
Photometric repeatability 0.1%T 0.001Abs(0-0.5Abs) 0.002Abs(0.5-1Abs)
Steability ±0.0004A/Hour(at 500nm one hour preheat)
Base line ±0.002A
Drift 0.001A/H
Display 6.4inch big touch operation screen
Operation Touch screen
spectrum scan
time scan
standard curve
photometric analysis
Application software win-sp5.2 for 1900 (Optional)
Signal output USB, RS-232C
Sample compartment(mm) 225*114 (length×width)
Standard cell holder(mm) 2*10 (1 position)
Standard glass cell(mm) 10(4pcs)
Standard quartz cell(mm) 10(2pcs)
Power requirement 110/220VAC,50/60Hz
Note: There may not be special notifications when the technical specification,profile and configuration changed. Please, the products will be in agreement with the real models.
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